The Trick To a Balanced Budget

When I started my Debt Free Do Over earlier this year, the first thing I had to do was start a budget. The scary thing about doing my budget was that I knew that it wouldn’t look pretty. In fact, it was downright ugly! When I started my budget, I looked at my monthly income […]

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How To Eat An Elephant

Have you ever had a huge task to accomplish that you didn’t know how you could possibly ever complete it? Several years ago, I was studying for a major test and my mentor, seeing that I was overwhelmed said, “Do you know how to eat an elephant?” I thought the question was strange, and I’d […]

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One Hundred and Twenty Six Days ~ Re-Do

It’s been 126 days since my last post. I know, there are some tears, you all have missed me, but really, I’m sure that you may want to know one thing: WHY? 126 days is just about 4 months. 1/3 of a year. A lot of things can be done in that time. My Debt […]

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